Best Digital Force Gauge 2022 – Real Reviews

We’re here to take the headache out of shipping online. We’ve gone through all of the user reviews and have come up with our roundup to help make your choice easier. With so many options available to consumers, it’s more important than ever to have a list that you can trust!

The Best Digital Force Gauge – Our Official Roundup

Mxmoonfree 500N Digital Force Gauge Push Pull Gauge Portable Force Meter with Units N/ LB/ Kg/ Oz, Storage Case, Auto Backlit LCD, Auto Power-off...
  • 4 MEASUREMENT UNITS - The portable digital force gauge can switch between 4 units of N / Lb / kg / Oz ; Max. load value: 500N/50kg/110Lb/1800Oz ; Load value: 0.1N/ 0.01kg/ 0.01lb/1Oz ; Accuracy: ±1% ; Power: 2pcs AAA battery
  • 3 MEASUREMENT MODES - This pull gauge can switch three measurement modes (Real-time / PEAK / First-PEAK). In "PEAK" mode, it can hold the maximum force applied shown on the screen.
  • AUTO POWER OFF - The push pull scale can set the automatic shutdown time and automatically shut down without operation for a long time to achieve the effect of power saving. The auto shutdown time can be set within 0-15 minutes, and the default time is 10 minutes.
  • MIN FORCE SHIELDING - The dynamometer can be set to shield the display of data below 0.5% of the full scale. This function can be cancelled, and the instrument defaults to enable the minimum force shielding function.
  • APPLICATION - The handheld force gauge is widely applied in pull push load testing, insertion force or destructive experiment and industry like electric, hardware, automobile parts, lighter and ignition system, light industry, mechanical, textile...
500N Force Gauge Digital Push Pull Gauge Tester with 500N 50Kgf 110Lbf 1800Oz for Lab Force Test Destructive Test
  • Model: Digital Display Push-pull Force Meter
  • Maximum load value: 500N; 50kg; 110Lb; 1800Oz
  • Load division value:0.1N; 0.01kg; 0.01Lb; 1Oz
  • Sensor structure: Inner sensor
  • Accuracy: ±1%
Nextech DFS1000 (1000N/220lbf/100kgf) Digital Force Gauge, Push Pull Gauge, Peak/Track Mode, Invert Display, Pass/Fail LED, USB Output, Back-Lit Graphic...
  • Made in Thailand. Power adapter/charger input 100-240 volts AC.
  • Accuracy 0.2% or better of FS (Full Capacity). Hold Peak Tension or Compression load reading until reset. Peak or Track Mode.
  • 500 reading can be recorded on internal memory for later viewing or download. Latest version PC Software 'NexGraph' Plot Time vs Force.
  • M6 Threaded Rod attachment to Load. Menu driven, digital graphic LCD display with white back light. Metal Enclosures with 2x 10-32"(M5) & 4x M3 mountable threaded holes.
  • Re-calibration feature with password protection Load cell condition and overload counter's display page
Mxmoonfree 500N Digital Force Gauge Push Pull Gauge with Force Gauge Stand Wheel-Operated Manual Push Pull Test Stand Stroke 180mm/7" with Digital Scale...
  • USB DATA OUTPUT - The Digital Force Gauge 500N can store up to 999 sets of PEAK test data. You can use the attached CH340 chip USB data cable to connect to a laptop and export real-time measurement data.
  • FREE SOFTWARE - We provide free software that can export test data or charts (force versus time curve). You can contact us to get the software. Mxmmonfree provides a 365-day warranty service and free technical support.
  • VARIOUS ACCRSSORIES - Digital Force Meter comes with Compression test parts *4, Tenslie test part *1, Extension rod *1, which are able to meet most of simple tests. The gauge and various accessories can be put into the carrying case for convenient storage. Test Sand comes with screws for installing the gauge and 2 pcs HJJ-001 Clamp for tensile tests.
  • DIGITAL DISPLACEMENT SCALE - This HLD Test Stand has a digital displacement scale (no output function), which can help you measure the displacement during the test. Measurement Range: 0-6"/ 0-150mm | Resolution: 0.0005"/ 0.01mm
  • GAUGE PARAMETERS - Model: HP-500N | Capacity: 500N/110lbf/50Kgf | Resolution: 0.1N/0.01lbf/0.01Kgf | Accuracy: ±0.5% | Data Output: USB output | Lithium Battery: 5V, 1700mAh | Charger: Input (AC 100-240V 50-60Hz), Output (DC 5V 0.5A) | 2 sets of Installation Dimensions: 4-M3 (30*145mm), 4-M4 (40*90mm)
BAOSHISHAN ZP-500N Digital Force Gauge Push Pull Gauge with Output Function, Carrying Caase, LCD Backlit Display, Metal Enclosures for Tension and...
  • [PARAMETER] -- Capacity: 500N/110lbf/50Kgf (Three Units) | Resolution: 0.1N/0.1lbf/0.01Kgf | Accuracy: ±0.2% | Baud rate: 2400sps | Sampling speed: 1000 times/sec | Net weight: 520g | ONE YEAR warranty and professional technical support
  • [DATA STORAGE & OUTPUT & SOFTWARE] -- This digital force scale gauge can store up to 999 measurement data, and can directly view historical data on the backlit LCD display. You can also connect the data to a computer via an RS-232 cable for analysis. (USB output can be realized through RS-232→USB conversion output line, each package contains a USB conversion)
  • [RECHARGEABLE BATTERY] -- The electronic force gauge is equipped with a built-in NIMI rechargeable battery and an AC adapter. When fully charged, it can be used continuously for about 6 hours, and each charge cannot exceed 8 hours.
  • [VARIOUS ACCESSORIES] -- Pressure test parts *4, Tenslie test part *1, Extensive shaft *1, which are able to meet most of the experimental requirements. The portable digital force gauge and various accessories can be put into the carrying case for convenient storage and carrying.
  • [WIDELY APPLICATION] -- The handheld force gauge can be used in combination with APW Test Stand and widely applied to pull push load testing industry like electric, high & low voltage electric appliance, hardware, automobile parts, lighter and ignition system, light industry, mechanical, textile and insertion force or destructive experiment.
DST Digital Force Gauge (110.0 lbf, with NIST Traceable Certificate)
2 Reviews
DST Digital Force Gauge (110.0 lbf, with NIST Traceable Certificate)
  • Ergonomic, durable, heavy-duty metal construction
  • Selectable real time or peak mode operation
  • USB and RS-232C output
  • DST kit includes set of six attachments, AC charger/adapter, calibration cert traceable to NIST and carrying case
Digital Force Gauge 50N Push Pull Gauge Tester Meter 4 Measurement Units N kg lb Oz
  • Model: Digital Display Push-pull Force Meter
  • Maximum load value: 50N; 5kg; 11Lb; 180Oz
  • Load division value:0.01N; 0.001kg; 0.001Lb; 0.1Oz
  • Sensor structure: Inner sensor
  • Accuracy: ±1%
Nextech DFS-X3000 (3000N/660lbf/300kgf) Digital Force Gauge with External S-Beam Load Cell, Peak/Track Mode, Pass/Fail LED,USB Output, Back-Lit Graphic...
3 Reviews
Nextech DFS-X3000 (3000N/660lbf/300kgf) Digital Force Gauge with External S-Beam Load Cell, Peak/Track Mode, Pass/Fail LED,USB Output, Back-Lit Graphic...
  • Made in Thailand. Power adapter/charger input 100-240 volts AC.
  • Accuracy 0.5% of FS (Full Capacity) for 3,000N-20,000N model.
  • Tension or Compression Load. Peak Hold or Track Mode.
  • Metal Enclosures. Supplied with 2 bearing holder. Two M12 thread ball bearing holder provided, to attached to Load Cell. Cable length between gauge and S-Beam loadcell is 2 meters
  • Power by internal rechargeable NiMH battery pack or directly from wall plug charger.
Beslands HF-500N Digital Force Gauge Push and Pull Dynamometer Portable Tester High Precision LCD Measuring Instruments Thrust Pressure Meter (HF-500N)
  • 5 Testing Modes and 3 Display Method: N(Newton),Kg (Kilogram) and Lb (Pound) three measuring units for selection and conversion. Min.value:5N/0.51kg/1.12Lb
  • Peak Value Maintaining: Maintain the display of peak value until manualzero clearing, can set up automatic PEAK time,from 1-9999 seconds
  • Data Storage and Output Function: 447 testing values can be stored, The data can be input into computer through data line for various analyses
  • Easy Reading: 6 digits large screen display, High precision and high resolution
  • Chargeable Power Supply: The charging voltage is available from 100V to 240V, which can accommodate most areas in domestic and at abroad, It has also protection functions for short circuit, leakage and overload
HFBTE Digital Force Gauge 500N Force Gauge Meter Push Pull Gauge with Maximum Load Value 500N 50kg 110Lb 1800Oz
  • Small,simple,multi functional ,high resolution and high-precision
  • Maximum load value:500N;50kg;110Lb;1800Oz
  • Load division value:0.1N;0.01kg;0.01Lb;1Oz
  • Accuracy:±1% ; Sensor structure:Inner sensor
  • Widely used in electronic appliances,construction hardware,light industrial textiles,auto parts,lighters and other ignition devices,fire equipment,pen making Push-pull load,insertion force test,destructive test of locks,fishing gear,chemical industry,power machinery,scientific research institutions and other industries.

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