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The Best Feeler Gauge – Our Official Roundup

Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge Dual Marked Metric and Imperial Measuring Tool (0.04-0.88 mm, 32 Blades)
  • Feeler gauge set: made of 65 manganese steel, each measuring feeler gauge has 32 blades thickness; Foldable feeler gauges, easy and convenient to take and store
  • Easy identification: dual marked metric and imperial, 0.0015 inch/ 0.04 mm to 0.035 inch/ 0.88 mm, the numbers of size are etched into feeler gauge for easy identification
  • Metric sizes (mm): 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.08, 0.10, 0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.23, 0.25, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.33, 0.35, 0.38, 0.40, 0.43, 0.45, 0.48, 0.50, 0.53, 0.55, 0.58, 0.60, 0.63, 0.65, 0.70, 0.75, 0.80, 0.88
  • Inch sizes: 0.0015, 0.002, 0.0025, 0.003, 0.004, 0.005, 0.006, 0.007, 0.008, 0.009, 0.010, 0.010, 0.011, 0.012, 0.013, 0.014, 0.015, 0.016, 0.017, 0.018, 0.019, 0.020, 0.021, 0.022, 0.023, 0.024, 0.025, 0.026, 0.028, 0.030, 0.032, 0.035
  • Warm notice: there is some anti-rust oil on the stainless steel feeler gauge to prevent it from rusty, please don’t worry about that
SATA 32-Piece Feeler Gauge Set, 0.0008-0.040" (0.02-1.00MM) - ST09407SJ
  • [VARIETY OF SIZES] Inch: 0.0008, 0.0012, 0.0015, 0.002, 0.0025, 0.0028, 0.0032, 0.0036, 0.004, 0.005, 0.006, 0.007, 0.008, 0.009, 0.010, 0.011, 0.012, 0.013, 0.015, 0.016, 0.018, 0.020, 0.022, 0.024, 0.025, 0.026, 0.028, 0.030, 0.032, 0.034, 0.036, 0.040" Metric: 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08, 0.09, 0.10, 0.13, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20, 0.23, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.33, 0.38, 0.40, 0.45, 0.50, 0.55, 0.60, 0.63, 0.65, 0.70, 0.75, 0.80, 0.85, 0.90, 1.00mm
  • [MULTI-FUNCTIONAL] A master set that includes all the common sizes needed for jobs
  • Blade length 3.5"
  • SATA is a global mechanics hand tool brand that challenges the status quo by delivering world-class quality, innovation, and a highly gratifying brand experience through exceptional value and service.
Eastyard Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge 32-Piece Blade Tool for Gap Width/Thickness Measurements (Measuring Range: 0.001"-0.04")
  • High Quality: 32 Hardened, Tempered Steel Blades made of 65 manganese steel, each blade has sizes laser etched for easy identification.
  • Measuring Range:0.001" to 0.04" (0.03 mm-1.00 mm), the numbers of size are etched into feeler gauge for easy identification.
  • Easy to Use: The feeler gauge is easy to carry and store. It can be folded, turned 360 degrees and removed when needed.
  • Scope of Application: Ideal for designers, engineers, and mechanics to accurately measure the thickness of hard-to-reach places.
  • Quality Assurance: It is normal to have some anti-rust oil on the stainless-steel feeler gauge, please don't worry. If you have any product issues, we’re very happy to provide you some advice.
ZUZUAN 1 Pack Feeler Gauge with 32-Blade and 1 Pack Offset Feeler Gauge with 16-Blade, Gauge Dual Marked Metric and Imperial Gap Measuring Tool
  • ✔Feeler Gauge Sets: Including 65 manganese steel feeler with 32-blade and offset feeler gauge with 16-blade, made of 65 manganese steel, 65 manganese steel is more resistant to wear&tear and has higher strength than stainless steel, features high precision and hardness, good elasticity and wear resistance.
  • ✔Easy to identify: metric and imperial double marking, laser technology etched out the size of the number, in light at a glance its specifications, easy to identify.
  • ✔Feeler Gauge with 32-Blade Measurement: 0.0015 inch to 0.035 inch(0.04 mm to 0.88 mm), please see the second picture for size details.Offset Feeler Gauge with 16-Blade Measurement: 0.005 inch to 0.020 inch (0.127 mm to 0.508 mm), please see the third picture for size details.
  • ✔Unique Design: The blades are bound within a chromed-blade protector to prevent loss of individual blades, designed with a thumb notch for easy selection and expansion, and it can be moved 360 degrees and disassembled if you want to use one alone.
  • ✔NOTICE:This product is a feeler gauge, used to measure the size of the gap spacing. If you need to measure the thickness of some articles, you can buy the wire diameter gauge of our shop, which has the supporting thickness gauge. Thank you for your cooperation.
CAMWAY 2Pcs Feeler Gauge Set Stainless Steel Metric/Inch 32 Straight Blade Steel Feeler Gauge,16pcs Feeler Gauge and 45º Blades Offset for Measuring Gap...
  • 【Two Kinds of Feeler Gauge 】Feeler gauge set, straight feeler gauge with 32 pieces blades and 16-Piece blades offset valve bent feeler gauge.
  • 【Metric and Imperial Dual Marked】Dual marked metric and imperial the specification of every blade was clearly marked on the surface with laser technology so that you could easy identification the Feeler and choose the suitable one conveniently.
  • 【 360-degree Swivel Design 】The Feeler Gauge Set allows you to unfold or fold them easily and carry them with you. You could disassembled into a separate feeler gauge to use by adjusting the screw.Metal fastening screws,and durable.
  • 【Anti-rust 65 Manganese Steel】There is some anti-rust oil on the stainless steel feeler gauge to prevent it from rusty, And Please don't put on the humid environment.
  • 【Use for】The feeler gauge is used to measure the gap size. When checking whether the measured size is qualified, you can use this method to judge, or the inspector can judge according to the tightness of the feeler gauge and the measured surface.It is mainly used for checking the gap value between two joint surfaces.
2 Pack Feeler Gauge with 32/26 Blades and 1 Pack Offset Feeler Gauge with 16 Blades - Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge Dual Marked Metric and Imperial Gap...
70 Reviews
2 Pack Feeler Gauge with 32/26 Blades and 1 Pack Offset Feeler Gauge with 16 Blades - Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge Dual Marked Metric and Imperial Gap...
  • Good Combination: The package includes 3pcs feeler gauges with different sizes, types and blades (32/26/16 Blades), this set includes the common sizes needed for jobs, you can choose the appropriate one that meets your needs
  • Various Sizes: Metric and inch sizes etched on each blade. Feeler Gauge with 32 Blades (0.04 mm - 0.88 mm/0.0015 inch to 0.035 inch). Feeler Gauge with 26 Blades (0.04 mm - 0.63 mm/0.0015 inch to 0.025 inch). Offset Feeler Gauge with 16 Blades (0.127 mm - 0.508 mm/0.005 inch to 0.020 inch). Please refer to the pictures for size details
  • User Friendly: Designed with the thumb notch, the chromed-blade protector and the lock nut, the feeler gauge set is foldable, convenient to take and store, and these blades are not easy to be lost and can be disassembled if you want to use one alone
  • Multi-functional: Ideal for exactly measuring gap width or thickness. Suitable for designers, engineers and mechanics to measure the thickness of bearing clearances, spark plugs gaps, piston ring gaps and other places that are hard to reach
  • Durable: Made of high quality 65 manganese steel, the feeler gauges are resistant to wear and have strong strength, and there is some oil on the feeler gauge set to prevent it from rusty
Starrett 66B Thickness Gage Set With Straight Leaves, 0.0015-0.035"Thickness, 3-1/32" Length, 31 Leaves
  • Leaves made of finest tempered-steel, carefully finished to correct thickness, individually tested and marked with thickness
  • Leaves easily removed or replaced
  • With locking device
  • Locking device on Gage- permits securely locking one or more leaves in position
Tusk Tapered Feeler Gauge Set
366 Reviews
Tusk Tapered Feeler Gauge Set
  • Tapered 32 blade feeler gauge set used to adjust valve clearances.
  • Blades have a tapered tip for easier access to valve tappets and buckets in tight areas.
  • Dual marked with metric (mm) and inch readings.
  • Includes the following gauge sizes: 0.001"/0.03mm, .0015"/0.04mm, .002"/0.05mm, .0025"/0.06mm, .0028"/0.07mm, .003"/0.08mm, .0035"/0.09mm, .004"/0.10mm, .005"/0.13mm, .006"/0.15mm, .007"/0.18mm, .008"/0.20mm, .009"/0.23mm, .010"/0.25mm, .011"/0.28mm, .012"/0.30mm, .013"/0.33mm, .014"/0.35mm, .015"/0.38mm, .016"/0.40mm, .018"/0.45mm, .020"/0.50mm, .022"/0.55mm, .024"/0.60mm, .025"/0.63mm, .026"/0.65mm, .028"/0.70mm, .030"/0.75mm, .032"/0.80mm, .034"/0.85mm, .035"/0.90mm, and .040"/1.00mm.
32 Blade Feeler Gauge Dual Reading Combination Feeler Gauge Metric & SAE
22 Reviews
32 Blade Feeler Gauge Dual Reading Combination Feeler Gauge Metric & SAE
  • The 4" blades make it easy to get into tight spaces and check tolerances.
  • Dual marked for both SAE (Standard) and Metric measurements.
  • Features polished and hardened blades designed to last for years.
  • An incredibly useful universal tool for doing all types of work.
Stanley Proto J000AA 25 Blade Master Feeler ga Set
  • 1/2-inch x 3-inch blades in steel holder
  • Sizes: .0015-inch thru .040-inch except .019-inch
  • Blades etched with both decimal size and metric equivalent
  • 0.19-lbs Weight
  • Made in USA

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