Best Marine Aquarium Test Kits 2022 – Our Picks

We’re here to take the headache out of shipping online. We’ve gone through all of the user reviews and have come up with our roundup to help make your choice easier. With so many options available to consumers, it’s more important than ever to have a list that you can trust!

The Best Marine Aquarium Test Kits – Our Official Roundup

API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT 550-Test Saltwater Aquarium Water Test Kit
  • Contains one (1) API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT 550-Test Saltwater Aquarium Water Test Kit, including 6 bottles of testing solution, 1 color card and 4 glass test tubes with cap
  • Helps prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish and cause fish loss
  • Accurately monitors 4 most vital water parameters levels in saltwater aquariums: high range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Designed for use in saltwater aquariums
  • Use for weekly monitoring and when water or fish problems appear
Red Sea MCP Marine Care Test Kit [Misc.]
  • Marine care test kit includes all of the main kits you need to run a healthy marine aquarium
  • Allowing you to easily monitor the nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, pH and alkalinity levels
  • The easy-to-use tests come with simple instructions and color charts
  • 100 Ammonia test with accuracy of 0. 02 ppm, 100 and 60 nitrate test with accuracy of 2 ppm and 0. 05 ppm
  • 100 pH test with accuracy of 0. 2 ppm, 55 alkalinity test with accuracy of 1 dKH/0. 36 meq/L
Industrial Test Systems ITS Exact iDip 570 Marine Aquarium, Coral, & Aquaculture Water Starter Test Kit | Bluetooth | Waterproof | 7-Parameters |...
  • ✔EASY TO USE: Incorporates the patented eXact Strip reagent delivery method and other advanced technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing with a digital readout so no color matching required. Works in conjunction with the eXact iDip app for iOS and Android smart devices
  • ✔DETECTION RANGES OF TESTS INCLUDED IN KIT: Calcium Hardness Ultra High Kit: 730 - 1500 ppm (as CaCO3) 292-600 (as Ca)---Nitrate in Marine Water: 3-100ppm ---Total Hardness UH Kit Range 1: 2900-8000 ppm; Range 2: 5400-8000 ppm---Phosphate: 0. 02-2. 5 ppm---Ammonia: 0. 06-12ppm---pH-BT in Marine Water: 5. 2-9. 4 --- Magnesium 705 - 1942 ppm as Mg (calculated)
  • ✔COMPLETE KIT: Large navy blue plastic carrying case w/ Foam includes eXact iDip 570 Photometer, Cleaning Brush, 5 mL Syringe, Instruction Manual, 25 tests of each: Calcium Hardness UH Kit (486629-K-25, Nitrate (486655-25), Total Alkalinity 570 (486680-25), Ammonia (486654), Total Hardness UH Kit (486656-K-25), Phosphate (486814-25), pH-BT (486657-25)
  • ✔ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: Components are tested by Quality Control personnel at each step and are rejected if they are outside of specifications. Standards are prepared using calibrated equipment, and concentrations are confirmed by recognized reference methods
  • ✔ MADE IN USA QUALITY: ITS, manufactures test strip products in their USA facility in an environment that allows for reproducibility, accuracy, and traceability based on Good Manufacturing Practices.
API CALCIUM TEST KIT Saltwater Aquarium Water 1-Count Test Kit, 69L (69L)
495 Reviews
API CALCIUM TEST KIT Saltwater Aquarium Water 1-Count Test Kit, 69L (69L)
  • Contains one (1) API CALCIUM TEST KIT Saltwater Aquarium Water 1-Count Test Kit, including 2 bottles of testing solution, 1 color card and 1 glass test tube with cap
  • Helps monitor calcium and prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to coral & crustaceans
  • Accurately detects calcium levels from 0-4 ppm
  • Prevents low levels of calcium which inhibit corals and crustaceans growth
  • Use for weekly monitoring and when water or aquatic life problems appear
ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Aquarium Test Kit with Trace Heavy Metals | 50 Water Testing Strips for Fresh-Water or Salt-Water Aquarium, Fish-Tank, Reef & Pond |...
  • 🐠 [PROFESSIONAL GRADE] Our Aquarium Dip-Stick Test Strips, with 99% High Accuracy Color Pads, Are a Rapid, Reliable & Cost Effective way to Perform Aquarium Maintenance | FREE e-Book Emailed with Your Purchase.
  • 🐠 [TRACE HEAVY METALS] The Best Aquatic Life Water Tester PERIOD. The Only One That Measures Trace Heavy Metals & Low Range Fluoride Levels Which Are Hidden Parameters That Adversely Affect Marine, Coral & Plant Health.
  • 🐠 [14 PARAMETERS] The Most Complete Aquarium Test Kit Available: Total Alkalinity, pH, General Total Hardness (GH), Carbonate Hardness (KH), Free Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Mercury, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc & Fluoride
  • 🐠 [ARE YOUR FISH SAFE?] Bad Water Quality Causes Fish Stress Which Leads to Death. Monitor Your Aquarium Now!
  • 🐠 [EASY TO USE] Simple Instructions with Dip & Read Visual Results in 60 Seconds & Straightforward Color Chart.
Saltwater Master Test Kit
  • Includes instruction booklet on how to correct unsafe water conditions
Salifert AMPT Ammonia Test Kit
211 Reviews
Salifert AMPT Ammonia Test Kit
  • Fast, easy, and accurate
  • Kit includes test vial, measuring syringe, and reagent
  • Approximately 50 tests per kit
  • Top choice of Aquarium Professionals worldwide
  • Made in holland
Red Sea Marine Test Kit Nitrate/Nitrite, 50/50 tests
  • Marine care program nitrate/nitrite combi-test kit
  • Provides 50 nitrate plus 50 nitrite advanced colorimetric tests for marine aquariums
  • Its accuracy of 0.05 ppm or 2 ppm
  • Performs 50/50 tests
  • It range is 0-1 ppm or 0-250 ppm
Seachem MultiTest - Marine pH/Alkalinity - 75 Tests
  • 75 Tests
  • For Marine or high PH freshwater
  • Unique dye that has a pronounced color change between 8.0 and 8.3
  • Multi-cavity plate for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at the same time
  • Includes reference for test validation
Nutrafin Master Test Kit, Contains 10 Test Parameters
  • Master Test Kit; Ensures your fish are living a proper environment
  • Includes all Hagen test kits including ammonia, pH, calcium, phosphate, iron, nitrite, nitrate, KH and GH
  • Easy-to-read color charts are included
  • For fresh and saltwater aquariums; Full instructions for each test
  • Packed in a solid, durable case that holds everything; Acts as an excellent working area

What To Know Before Shopping For The Best Marine Aquarium Test Kits

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Ratings and Reviews – Sorting through hundreds of reviews is both time consuming, and taxing! We’ve already done that, and taken the tough work out of shopping so that you are left with a list of the best selling, best reviewed Marine Aquarium Test Kits to choose from. You can also easily click through and see al of the reviews on our shopping partner’s website 

How To Chose The Right Marine Aquarium Test Kits For You

There’s a ton of choices for just about anything you shop for, so what should you actually be considering? In addition to the aforementioned attention to your specific needs, there’s really only a few considerations – price, quality/dependibility, and the reviews of your peers. If you can find items that meet your needs, are priced in your range, and have reviews that showcase the quality, then you should feel confident in making your purchase!

Is Buying a Marine Aquarium Test Kits Really Worth It?

The one thing we can’t do, is choose for you. We feel that if an item made one of our lists, it has merit as something that is “worth it”, as long as it meets your needs, and fits inside your pricerange. We’re here to give you the best possible choices, and while we feel it’s definitely worth it, we want you to as well. 

Is The Most Expensive Marine Aquarium Test Kits Always The best?

We covered a bit of this earlier, and the answer is no, because often, there is no “best”, but only a “best” for you! You need to decide which product has the best chance of making your life easier and meeting your needs, regardless of price. 

Wrapping Up

Our goal is simply to help you make better shopping choices, and we hope that our list and advice do just that. We are here to empower you, the consumer, with the right knowledge, and the right items to get the job done. We’re here to be the expert in your corner and hope to be able to provide you with an excellent shopping experience. If there is anything we can do to make your life easier, please let us know!