Best Scalpel for Dermaplaning 2022 – Our Picks

We’re here to take the headache out of shipping online. We’ve gone through all of the user reviews and have come up with our roundup to help make your choice easier. With so many options available to consumers, it’s more important than ever to have a list that you can trust!

The Best Scalpel for Dermaplaning – Our Official Roundup

Medpride Disposable Scalpel Blades| #10 Sharp, Tempered Stainless-Steel Blades | Pack of 10 Sterile Scalpel Knives| Plastic Handle| Individual Pouches| for...
6,139 Reviews
Medpride Disposable Scalpel Blades| #10 Sharp, Tempered Stainless-Steel Blades | Pack of 10 Sterile Scalpel Knives| Plastic Handle| Individual Pouches| for...
  • SUPERIOR STAINLESS-STEEL BLADE: Equipped with tempered Stainless-Steel blades with a plastic handle, our #10 disposable scalpel knives allow for heavy duty use and a comfy grip for easy control.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE: Our scalpels work amazingly for Dermaplaining or small aesthetic procedures such as callus removing, dead skin-skin tag removal and scraping, acne removal and more.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: You may also use these disposable scalpels for your premed student supplies, dissections at school/ university, taxidermy, clay modeling or any arts ‘n’ crafts project that requires a sharp #10 scalpel.
  • PROTECTIVE CAP: Our scalpel knives come with protective blade caps so you can reuse them again if you wish. A great tool for any project that does not require disposing of the scalpel upon completion.
  • PLASTIC HANDLE WITH MEASUREMENT: Our handle is designed to offer a good grip and allows for delicate control when required. Plus, on the side you will find a handy, 6cm ruler for extra practicality points.
Cynamed # 10 Disposable Scalpel with Plastic Handle - Sterile Single Blade Razor for Dermaplaning, Dissection, Podiatry, Professional Grooming, Acne...
  • ✅ PRECISE SLICING - Your new disposable scalpel boasts an ergonomic design with plastic handle for a comfy grip and delicate control. This arsenal is perfect for error-free surgical procedures.
  • ✅ CUTTING-EDGE SHARPNESS - Each scalpel is equipped with an ultra-sharp and heavy-duty blade. Remove calluses and skin tags, and perform complex dissections securely with utmost ease.
  • ✅ MULTIPURPOSE BLADE - Our disposable scalpel's razor-sharp blade goes beyond the confines of the clinic or surgical room. It is also perfect for lab experiments and crafting projects.
  • ✅ EFFICIENT SURGICAL TOOL - Perform dermaplaning and other cosmetic procedures. This sterile scalpel has a 6cm ruler for added precision and practicality, both in and out of the laboratory.
  • ✅ INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED & STERILE - The Cynamed sterile scalpel knives have a protective cap to help keep the blades clean after use. You can reuse these tools to your heart's content.
30 Pieces Scalpel Sterile Blades #10 with 2 Pack #3 Metal Scalpel Knife Handle & Storage Case, for Biology Lab Anatomy, Practicing Cutting, Medical...
  • The same price, better quality, more blade and Handle, please don't miss THINKPRICE, which will save money for you.
  • Package Included: 30 Pcs #10 superior carbon steel scalpel blade/ 2 Pcs Steel thicken handle/ 1 Pcs storage case
  • 30 Pcs Scalpel blade: individual foil wrapped ensures precision cut. Sterilized by gamma radiation. 2 Pcs steel Thicken handle: Anti-slip and firmer. Equipped with a storage box, easier to store and safer.
  • Precision slotting, high matching of blade and handle, easy to install and remove
  • Be careful!! It is very sharp for beginners. Great for mycology, comedones removal, prototyping electronics, model making, wood and clay sculpture, cutting and trimming, biology projects, school, labs, arts and crafts, trimming, gardening, vinyl cuts, wood projects, medical procedures, dissection, suture and surgery practice, scalpel for skin, debridement
TruMed Disposable Scalpels | #11 High-Carbon Steel Blade | Surgical / Dermaplaning Tool | Plastic Handle | Sterile Medical Podiatry Tools | Individually...
  • ✔️ #11 HIGH-CARBON STEEL: Refined with #11 high-carbon steel blade, each of these premium scalpels ensures precision cut. Achieve amazing precision with the lightweight non-slip plastic handle, which together with the ultimate sharpness, makes the scalpel suitable for professional surgical use, as well as a dermaplaning tool or similar DIY projects.
  • ✔️ SERILIZED FOR VARIOUS USES: TSterilized by gamma radiation, each of these professional disposable surgical scalpels makes a great face dermaplaning tool, podiatry tool, premed student tool, medical surgical tool, a handy tool to remove face peach fuzz, acne, pimples, blackhead, dead skin, carve wood, cut objects and many similar aesthetic DIY projects.
  • ✔️ WELL PROTECTED: Individually foil wrapped and protected by a plastic sheath to prevent accidental punctures, you are sure to never feel the frustration of a damaged blade in the middle of your project. The disposable design gives you worry-free usage. These premium scalpels are only sterile on the first use, however can be used multiple times with the provided plastic cap.
  • ✔️ PACK of 10: Unlike our competitors that provide you with 1 or 2 multi-use scalpels which lose their sharpness after the second use, we provide you with 10 high end, ultra-sharp surgical dermaplaning scalpel blades. Feel a new level of precision and sharpness with these high quality scalpel dermaplaning tools!
  • ✔️ULTIMATE SHARPNESS: Forget about buying surgical scalpels that are not sharp enough for your project. We remastered each inch of our #11 high-carbon steel blade, so you can get the most of the TruMed professional surgical & dermaplaning tool every time.
Disposable Sterile Scalpels (15 Pack) - Size #10 High Carbon Steel Blades with Plastic Handle for Dermaplaning, Crafts, Podiatry, Wood Model Making,...
  • BEST SCALPELS PACK: Scientify Scalpels are Well Equipped with Preloaded #10 High Carbon Steel Blades and a Sturdy Latex Free PVC Handle with a Well Engineered Grip Providing all our Customers with the Flexibility, Dexterity and Depth of Field That They Personally Require in the Area of Application. Each Scalpel Come with a Hard Plastic Protective Cap to Safeguard the Blade, your Body from Getting Hurt and to Reuse if necessary.
  • PERFECT BLADE WITH VERSATILITY: Having Gamma Sterilized, our Scalpels are a Perfect Choice for Estheticians to Perform Dermaplaning Sessions and Other Procedures like Removal of Callus, Cysts, Acne, Dead Skin etc., Medical Students Dissection, Taxidermy and Mycology. High Carbon Steel Blade is more Superior, Strong and Durable when Compared to Stainless Steel Blade and Therefore can be Used for Various Hobbies like Plant Cutting, Clay Modelling, Wood Model Making, Crafts 'n' Arts and Much More.
  • LONG EXPIRATION DATE: The Product Package Contains 15 Scalpels that are Individually wrapped, Sealed and Sterilized by Gamma Radiation to a Minimum Dose of 25 kGy. The Product Carton is Marked with a Lot Number and Product Expiry Date Bearing a Maximum Shelf Life of 5 years. Long Shelf Life of 5 years Give you Extra Confidence and Freedom to Store our Product for a Maximum Period Where the Defined Quality of Our Product Remains Acceptable Under Expected Conditions of Storage.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - All our Scalpels are Manufactured in a Facility Approved by and also Complies to ISO and CE Standards Which Ensure that the Systems, Practices, and the Management Tuned to Produce High Quality Products Meeting all Regulatory Standards. Each Unit Underwent an Extensive Quality Control Process to Identify Defects before Packing. Our Scalpel is a Great Tool in Few Projects that Does not Require Immediate Disposal Upon Completion.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Love Them or We'll Buy Them Back From You. No Questions Asked! Customer Satisfaction is our Utmost Priority. Feel Free to Contact us.
Disposable Scalpel 10 and 11, Pack of 20 Dermaplaning Blades w. Plastic Handle, Surgical Knife Scalpel, Carbon Steel Dermablade Surgical Blades...
  • ⭐ WHILE YOUR OTHER DISPOSABLE SURGICAL SCALPEL may be too dull, not sharp enough, not sterile, flimsy or difficult to use, MyMed brings a HIGH QUALITY CARBON STEEL scalpel sterile that is SAFE and EASY to use, having a plastic protection cap and a LIGHT ERGONOMIC handle. This means a YOUNGER BRIGHTER face for you and lots of other skin problems solved.
  • ⭐ SAVE SOME MONEY- pack of 10 MyMed sterilized scalpels help you learn to dermaplane by yourself, and you can safely use it for a lot of small aesthetic procedures: great as a scalpel for callus, podiatry scalpel, dermatology scalpel pedicure, cyst removal blade, blackheads removals, acne scalpel, dissection and suture practice, and more;
  • ⭐ SO, SHARP ENOUGH OR NOT ? The perception of sharpness for MyMed #10 and #11 scalpels can be different because depends on how experienced you are with dermaplaning. They are very sharp for beginners and maybe not sharp enough for experienced dermatologists. Either way, it works if used correctly.
  • ⭐ A TON OF OTHER USES - mycology, comedones removal, prototyping electronics, model making, wood and clay sculpture, desktop work, small cuts and trimming, biology projects in school and labs, arts and crafts, trimming, gardening, vinyl cuts, wood projects, medical procedures, dissection, suture and surgery practice, scalpel for skin, debridement
  • ⭐ WE BELIEVE in making things 1% better every day, that's why OUR MISSION is to give you QUALITY at the best possible price. Either you are looking for a cloning scalpel, a pimple popper blade, a simple set of 10 scalpel blades or maybe just a size large scalpel, we've got you covered!
Dermaplaning Cleaning Kit - Disposable Scalpel Blades No.10, 11, 15, Metal Handle with Blades, and Hemostat Blade Removal – Sterile & Individually Foil...
  • ✅ COMPLETE DERMAPLANING CLEANING KIT: Dermaplaning, when performed prior to other treatments, can remove the “peach fuzz” which can trap excess dirt and oil. It is non-invasive and helps make other skin treatments more effective. The Cynamed Dermaplaning kit contains handpicked tools to help provide the most professional experience possible on your clients.
  • ✅ PRECISE AND EASY TO USE: The Cynamed set of Scalpel Blades are individually foil wrapped to ensure sterility and prevent accidental punctures. These medical disposables are sterilized by gamma radiation, sterility is guaranteed if foil is not broken. The precision shaped carbon steel blades are sharp and easy to use.
  • ✅ FULLY STOCKED DERMAPLANING TOOL KIT: Also included in this kit is a pair of straight hemostatic forceps, which is useful for removing blades from handles safely. The complimentary Dermaplaning pouch is great for storing your tools.
  • ✅ DISPOSABLE STERILE SCALPEL BLADES: 10 Sterile carbon steel scalpel blades #10 Round (used for dermaplaning), 10 Sterile carbon steel blades number #11 (used for extractions), 1 Each (#10 #11 #15) Sterile Stainless Steel Disposable Scalpel Blades (Used for dermaplaning), 1 Standard No. 3 blade handle (Used with Individual Blades)
  • ✅ A TON OF OTHER USES - mycology, comedones removal, prototyping electronics, model making, wood and clay sculpture, desktop work, small cuts and trimming, biology projects in school and labs, arts and crafts, trimming, gardening, vinyl cuts, wood projects, medical procedures, dissection, suture and surgery practice, scalpel for skin, debridement
Swann Morton : Scalpel Handle No 3 for blades 10 : 10a : 11 : 12 : 15 : 15a (Original Version) (Original Version) (Solid Stainless Steel)
  • Made by world renowned manufacturer Swann Morton
  • Popular with Graphic Artists, Designers, Hobbyists, Model makers, etc.
Dynarex 4110-B Disposable Scalpels, Sterile, Number 10, 10/bx
  • Medicut Scalpels Disposable
  • For sharpness and exacting performance
  • Sheffield stainless steel blade
  • Finely honed cutting edge
  • Gamma Sterilized

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